2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Michael Schumacher spent a lot of time testing the 430 Scuderia when it was being developed, carefully applying the method that made him unique on the racetrack for many years. All the ingredients were there: a light and powerful car, comfortable and ergonomic, with an incredible weight/power ratio; ground-effect aerodynamics, which makes the car more effective, at higher speeds; powerful quick-response braking guaranteed by callipers and carbo-ceramic discs, and in particular the manettino mounted on the steering wheel that allows the driver to adjust the car set-up according to the driver’s requirements. During his racing career, the seventimes World Champion’s work on the manettino and steering wheel-mounted controls, in close association with the engineers and electricians, was one of the reasons for his extraordinary success on the racing track. Schumacher’s suggestions have also had a profound infl uence in the development of Ferrari Formula 1 steering wheels in recent years. This is why, when you saw him at the wheel of the 430 Scuderia on the old Nürburgring, you instantly knew what he was looking for in his continuous, methodical adjustments of the controls that coordinate gear change timing, traction, suspension compliance and stability. This model has therefore profited from the incomparable sensitivity of this driver throughout its development. And now this experience is available for everyone. Lightweight, simple and striking, with a distinctive engine and exhaust sound: every last detail of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia exudes uncompromising sportiness, born of its close links to the world of racing, a world reflected in its very name. Seven-times World Champion, Michael Schumacher, was also involved in the car’s development – and now the most advanced single-seater ever built is available to Ferrari’s most passionate Clients. The style of the interior is typical of a racing car with the predominant aim of reducing weight and using specifi cally suited, technical materials. The central tunnel has been purposely designed and manufactured in carbon fi bre, as have the interior door panels. The floor is manufactured anti-slip aluminium footwells and has some unlined metallic parts to expose the actual bodywork; the seats are completely new and also designed for extra support in extreme driving conditions. The instrument display is fully functional and has its own specifi c graphic design. All the interior and upholstery are made of “3D” and Alcantara® technical cloth. The new “Super Racing” seat deserves special mention. It is made entirely from carbonfi bre, is manually adjustable and is available in different sizes. The sides are lined in racing fabric and match the “3D” material which breathes easily and provides additional levels of grip. F1-SuperFast2 is the latest development in the F1 Gear used on all Ferrari models. Reducing the time needed to change gears, expressed and calculated as an interruption to acceleration (not merely as the time required to select a new gear) is based on the “parallelization” concept of the times necessary for the various operations: – cutting torque and disengaging the clutch; – disengaging, selecting and engaging the gear; – engaging the clutch and returning torque. These operations are usually performed sequentially. With the F1-SuperFast2, a fully integrated and totally innovative software management system for the engine and gear-shift system allows the gears to be disengaged/engaged at the same time as the clutch is opened and closed. The result is that the 430 Scuderia benefi ts from a further-reduced gear-change time which can be as low as 60 ms. This fi gure, the shortest in the Ferrari range, guarantees maximum sports-car feel, but without penalising the comfort of the driver or passenger. The 430 Scuderia transmission maintains the rear, longitudinal 6-speed architecture (plus reverse), all equipped with multiconal synchronizers, which assure excellent performance when changing gears. The gears and bevel type fi nal drive have been modifi ed both in speed ratio and geometry in order to optimize the application of the torque delivered by the engine which guarantees faster acceleration.

MotorLangsliggende V8 90°, placeret over baghjul
Boring / Slaglængde83 x 81 mm
Volumen pr. cyl.438,26 cc
Volumen3506 cc
Kompression11,9 : 1
Max. Kraft375 kW (510 hk) ved 8500 o/min
Kraft pr. L145 hk/l
Max. Moment470 Nm ved 5250 o/min
GearkasseF1 6-trins Superfast
Tank95 L
Fordæk235/35 ZR 19
Bagdæk285/35 ZR 19
Bil type2 sædet Berlinetta
Længde4511 mm
Bredde1923 mm
Højde1217 mm
Akselafstand2600 mm
Bredde mellem forhjul1669 mm
Bredde mellem baghjul1616 mm
Vægt1350 kg (tør)
Top hastighed320 km/t
0 – 100 km/t3,4 sek.
0 – 200 km/t11,2 sek.
100 – 0 km/t– m
200 – 0 km/t– m