2010 Ferrari 599 GTO

FERRARI’S NEW EXTREME V12 BERLINETTA, THE 599 GTO, DELIVERS A LAP TIME OF JUST 1 MINUTE AND 24 SECONDS AT FIORANO, MAKING IT THE FASTEST ROAD-GOING MODEL IN OUR HISTORY. This limited edition special series of just 599 is the new pinnacle of Prancing Horse sportiness and has benefited to an enormous degree from technological transfers from the track. Many of the cutting-edge solutions sported by the 599 GTO are also the product of the Maranello engineers’ experience in the development of the 599XX, the prototype experimental car of which, as its legendary moniker suggests, the 599 GTO is the road-homologated version. One of the most significant innovations on the 599 GTO is the close correlation between the chassis set-up, which is close to the handling limit, and the input from the electronic controls which are developed to increase overall levels of performance. Since the very earliest states of the two cars’ development, Maranello’s engineers worked to ensure that these two areas of the car would be seamlessly integrated thus pushing responsiveness to the limit. The result is, of course, superlative driving involvement as well as faster lap times. Apart from new springs and a stiffer rear anti-roll bar, the car also features a second generation magnetorheological suspension control system (SCM2). The suspension works in tandem with the VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) and latest-generation F1-Trac traction control. This makes the car extremely responsive to driver inputs – thanks in part to the adoption of a very direct steering ratio – but also very stable under braking, sharper on turn-in, more precise in cornering and quicker out of corners.

MotorLangsliggende V12 65°, placeret i front
Boring / Slaglængde92 x 75,2 mm
Volumen pr. cyl.499,97 cc
Volumen5998,98 cc
Kompression11,9 : 1
Max. Kraft493 kW (670 hk) ved 8250 o/min
Kraft pr. L112 hk/l
Max. Moment620 Nm ved 6500 o/min
GearkasseF1 6-trins + bakgear
Tank105 L
Fordæk285/30 ZR 20
Bagdæk315/35 ZR 20
Bil type2 sædet Berlinetta
Længde4710 mm
Bredde1961 mm
Højde1326 mm
Akselafstand2750 mm
Bredde mellem forhjul1702 mm
Bredde mellem baghjul1618 mm
Vægt1605 kg (køreklar)
Top hastighed335+ km/t
0 – 100 km/t3,35 sek.
0 – 200 km/t9,8 sek.