2002 Ferrari 360 Modena GT

With the launch of the 360 Modena Challenge in 2000, the level of competitiveness of the Ferrari Challenge series took a huge step forward. Along with the F50, the 360 Modena was instrumental in pushing the boundaries of road-car production ever closer to the company’s racing roots, with uncompromising engineering and, in particular, levels of aerodynamic development previously unheard of on a series production car. Early development work on the Challenge version of the car was extremely promising, with the 360 proving lighter, faster and sharper-handling than the outgoing F355. Since the introduction of the 360 Modena, Ferrari has received numerous requests for factory-prepared cars for other international championships. With the help of factory backing, the JMB Competition team 360 fought off the Porsche competition to take the 2001 FIA N-GT World Championship team and drivers’ titles. On the strength of this showing, Ferrari has decided to produce a specific model – the 360 GT – derived from the Challenge car for privateers in the FIA N-GT and A.C.O. (Automobile Club de l’Ouest) championships in 2002. Production will be strictly limited to around 30 cars over the next three years and the ex-factory price (ie. excluding tax and delivery) is 382,000 Euros for the FIA version, and 402,000 Euros for the ACO version. The two versions differ exclusively for the aerodynamic packages and, in the case of the FIA car, the adoption of the F1-style shift.

MotorLangsliggende V 8 90°, placeret over baghjul
Boring / Slaglængde85 x 79 mm
Volumen pr. cyl.448,29 cc
Volumen3586,20 cc
Kompression11 : 1
Max. Kraft316 kW (430 hk) ved 8500 o/min
Kraft pr. L120 hk/l
Max. Moment377 Nm ved 5000 o/min
Ventil styring2 overliggende knastaksler pr. cylinder række. 5 ventiler pr. cyl.
Brændstof styringBosch elektronisk indsprøjtning
Tænding1 tændrør pr. cyl. Bosch elektronisk tænding
SmøringTør sump
KoblingEnkelt pladet
RammeAluminium Spaceframe
Forhjuls ophængUafhængige wishbones, fjederben og hydrauliske støddæmpere, anti-roll bar
Baghjuls ophængUafhængige wishbones, fjederben og hydrauliske støddæmpere, anti-roll bar
Bremser4 stk. skiver
GearkasseElektro-hydraulisk F1 6-trins + bakgear
StyringTand stang
Tank100 L
Fordæk265/645 x 18
Bagdæk305/680 x 18
Bil type2 sædet Berlinetta
Længde4557 mm
Bredde1985 mm
Højde1185 mm
Akselafstand2600 mm
Bredde mellem forhjul1728 mm
Bredde mellem baghjul1643 mm
Vægt1100 kg (tør)
Top hastighed– km/t
0 – 100 km/t– sek.
0 – 400 m– sek.
0 – 1000 m– sek.