2017 Ferrari SP 275 RW Competizione

One very wealthy Floridian just became a lot happier, after taking delivery of his exclusive Ferrari SP 275 RW Competizione. This one-of-one Ferrari is based on the F12 in terms of its chassis, but has the engine and gearbox from the F12tdf. This means that instead of the 545kW/690Nm the ‘standard’ F12 Berlinetta has, the Competizione gets to play with 574kW and 705Nm of torque. This is thanks to the 6.3-litre V12 which, in the F12tdfm enables a 0-100km/h time of 2.9 seconds. The inspiration from the design came from the Ferrari 275 GTB, originally released in 1964. Vents feature in all the same places as on the original ‘60s car, behind the front and rear wheels, and also on the C-pillar to complete the lines started by the windows. More design cues borrowed from the 275 are evident in the Competizione’s shapely rear, which brings the original 275 design into Ferrari’s modern design language. The headlights on the Competizione are also unique to this special build. The bonnet even bulges the same way as its older relative’s, though the paint colour gives a hint that the designers had one particular inspiration in mind. The SP 275 RW Competizione shares the same yellow as the Belgian Ecurie Francorchamps 275 GTB, which won the GT class in the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans. The car was built over two years, and was designed under the direction of Ferrari’s Styling Centre with the collaboration of Pininfarina.

MotorLangsliggende V12 65°, placeret i front
Boring / Slaglængde94 x 75,2 mm
Volumen pr. cyl.521,87 cc
Volumen6262 cc
Kompression13,5 : 1
Max. Kraft574 kW (780 hk) ved 8500 o/min
Kraft pr. L125 hk/l
Max. Moment705 Nm ved 6250 o/min
GearkasseF1 7-trins DCT
Tank92 L
Fordæk275/35 ZR 20
Bagdæk315/35 ZR 20
Bil type2 sædet Berlinetta
Længde4656 mm
Bredde1961 mm
Højde1273 mm
Akselafstand2720 mm
Bredde mellem forhjul1673 mm
Bredde mellem baghjul1648 mm
Vægt1520 kg (køreklar)
Top hastighed340+ km/t
0 – 100 km/t2,9 sek.
0 – 200 km/t7,9 sek.
100 – 0 km/t30,5 m
200 – 0 km/t121 m